Susan Does a Bit of Vlogging

So, Susan remains lying in a hospital bed, much as she has for the last 12 days. Her condition is stable, but talking to her is like talking to a happy drunk – slurry, funny, and a little confused. Her parents and sister are here, which has helped lift her spirits. 

I just wanted to share these videos with you, and let Susan speak for herself for once. 

This first video Susan made on the Saturday before her latest hospital visit. We absolutely love watching Griffin’s matches, which when they are at home are made even more special by the view of the sea from his stadium. Susan is immensely proud of G’s football prowess, as most parents would be, and she made this short video as an update to share on the blog. 

The other one is of Susan thanking Griffin for a painting of a sunflower (her favorite) he did for her. She made it a few days after she was admitted to the hospital. 

I don’t really have much to comment on those, but I thought people might want to “see” Susan. For now we simply wait for whatever comes next. 




  1. Beautiful videos!! thanks for sharing 🙂 I know what it is to devote weekends to football despite of the rain, cold, wind, burning sun… Both my boys are crazy for this sport too, Pau, the oldest is currently also a football coach with the “alevines”. 🙂


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