No More Words

I’m so sorry to have to say this, but Susan has passed away. She died peacefully and without pain last night, surrounded by people who loved her. 

There are no more words inside me right now, I’m left only with photographs and memories, but at least those I can share. 



  1. I’ m so sorry…..
    I don’ t know you and your familly but My daughter Salma is in la Serra and i have heard about you.
    I also follow your story on Facebook and i have to say that each time i was reading your story something very strong touched my hart and were resonating strongly with old memòries.
    Anyway yesterday night looking my Facebook i saw your post and i felt so sad for your little boy .
    And i also thougt that maybe could have an other Issue, maybe she could recover!!!
    Then i said myself not to stay in my mind and go into my hart and send her Love and light. As i’ m used to work with energy, i sent her energy and ask to the sky doctors to be with her, then i felt she was surrounded with violet light and i felt peace.
    And i fell asleep.
    I just wanted to share this with you and your familly
    I send you guys Love and light and strengh.
    I did’ nt have chance to know Suzan but she definitively seems to be a light warrior💖💖💖💫


  2. Any words I come up with, sound empty and fail to convey the message.
    In person, I’d say nothing and give you a hug.
    Hang in there.
    Carlos & Nina


  3. Soy JuanRa from La Serra School, Alvaro’s father
    Nuestro cálido abrazo para ustedes en estos duros momentos.
    Susan que descanses en paz.


  4. Dear Matt, thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures and precious moments, I feel privileged. She’ll remain forever in my heart.


  5. Dear Matt, our heart goes out to you and your family. We returned to Budapest, where we met you and where we can still see and hear Susan’s famous laughter. She will be missed but never forgotten.


  6. Matt, Susan was stunning and loved and clearly truly lived. Your photos are lovely . I’m certain your hearts are breaking which means that so many hearts are breaking for you all over the world. I’ll be thinking of you and your boys in the days and weeks ahead, and am grateful to you for making me appreciate my own family, in Susan’s honor, even more than I thought possible.

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  7. Thank you for sharing your family’s story in such a candid way. I live in Barcelona and never met Susan (a close friend of mine knew of her through a book club in Sitges), but I think she must have been very loved and very blessed. And your words and photos are a such a loving tribute to her. In case you have never come across this piece of writing by an “old man” published on Reddit in 2011, I will include the link here for you, as it might bring you some comfort and to feel less alone in your grief:

    When you’re ready to write again, I think many of us will be looking forward to more words from you on this blog or a new one or FNFF or wherever your thoughts might lead you.

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  8. Hey old friend-

    I’m so sorry to see this news. We’ve been out of touch for years but somehow it doesn’t seem that long. You’ve given folks a great gift in your accounts of the roller coaster you’ve been on. I’m just so sorry that you had to take that ride at all.

    I’m here if you feel like chatting sometime. Anytime really. 312-286-8924

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